Pommel horse for sale

The pommel horse is one of the most exciting gymnastic apparatus for any young gymnast to learn. The routines that are done on them are amongst the most watched at the Olympics and other high-level events. Historically, it was a training tool for teaching soldiers and riders how to mount and dismount a horse quickly – hence the name. Now, international competitors do a series of five different elaborate types of moves in custom routines executed with the utmost precision.

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Pommel horse mushrooms

Also known simply as ‘the mushroom’, this piece of equipment itself has an interesting background. First developed in the late 1970s in the USA, the simpler shape was designed to help users practice the correct positions for circles in a simpler way. The non-slip surface helps to avoid injuries that can occur. If you’re looking for a pommel horse for sale but aren’t quite sure whether you have the space, or would prefer a more entry level unit, mushrooms are a great alternative.
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