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Elite Quality Tumbling Mats At Affordable Prices, Shipped Australia-Wide

Tumbling mats are essential for safety in a variety of practice and drill situations, not just tumbling. Our versatile gym mats are great for keeping the noggin safe when you are trying the tricky stunts. Save your bacon and grab one today to gain peace of mind in knowing that you are protected from harm during your routines.

We sell a range of high-quality gymnastics and cheerleading equipment at affordable prices to keep you and your athletes safe while performing at peak. A one-stop-shop for cheerleading and gymnastics, our products are shipped to Australia every day to gymnastics and cheerleading teams that don’t wish to skimp on safety. Whether for use for in-home practice, or practicing with a team, our solutions are ideal.

Our elite tumbling mats

Each of our tumbling mats are made from high quality materials and can be used in a wide range of physical contexts. Made of light and durable materials, our tumbling mats for boys and girls, our beams and other gymnastics and cheerleading equipment is your easy-use, easy-store equipment solution. Spend less time on preparing the equipment, and more time tumbling, stretching and practicing your stunts.

Customisable tumbling matting solutions

No two gymnasts are the same, and neither does their matting need to be. Our range of sleek designs made from durable high-quality materials come in several sizes (and colours) to allow for a customisable matting solution for you or your team. Perhaps your child is just starting out practicing gymnastics or cheerleading at home, and you wish to make sure that they’re safe, or perhaps you’re part of a team yourself.

If you coach (or are part of) a small team, why buy more tumbling mats than you need? If you coach a big team, buying matting from an affordable source can make a big price difference.

Contact our Australian team today about our tumbling mats

Formatting solutions enjoyed by Australian gymnastics and cheerleading teams across the country, consider Gymnastics Direct's tumbling mats. Order today, and have it shipped to the door of your choice. If you’d like to find out more about these products, please feel free to contact us on 0409 688 721 to speak to a friendly consultant. We’re always more than willing to answer any questions and provide recommendations.