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Boys Training Aids

Junior Beatboard
NEW! Elite Mini Trampoline
Pommel Mushroom with Padded surface
Pommel Buck
Wall/Stall Bar Wedge
Donut/Balance Ring
Vault/Trapezoid - 3 layer mini trapezoid
Cylinder Set - 5 piece (PRE-ORDER - contact us for details)
Spotting Block - Large
Spotting Block - Small (IN STOCK JAN 21)
Slanted Rebound Step
Cylinder - Medium (PRE-ORDER - contact us for details)
Cylinder - Large
Little Aussie Backyard Ninja Run
Junior Trapezoid/Vault
High Performance Pommel Horse
Acro Balance Trainers - 13cm (Pair)
Wall/Stall Bar Stretch Pad
Back Handspring Trainer 90cm
Octagon -Large
Handstand Mat
Large Folding Incline Wedge
Birch Gymnastics Rings Plus Straps
Smart Spotter (Boulder) - Large
Stretch Strap
Octagon- Small
Pommel Mushroom Trainer ( Metal top)
Back Handspring Trainer 100cm
Small Folding Incline Mat
Smart Spotter (Boulder)-Medium
Little Aussie Ninja Course with Tumbling Run
Acro Balance Trainers - 36cm high (Pair)
Floor Bar
Wall/Stall Bar
Floor Bar Pair
Parallette Pair- Black
Refillable Chalk Ball
Chalk refill
Liquid Chalk

Quality guaranteed training aids, from Australia's most trusted Gymnastic equipment supplier


Over more than a decade, Gymnastics Direct has been supplying Australian schools, clubs, gyms and homes with elite quality training aids to help young gymnasts achieve their potential. Our expansive range includes wedges, octagons, back handspring trainers, boulders, smart spotters, cylinders and other essential training aids. All come with a 12 month quality guarantee, and are made with care and attention to detail. 

We can also custom make training aids to suit your needs, in various sizes and colours. Feel free to drop us a line at, or call on 0409 688 721.